SNMP of Cellular WAN

Hey Everyone,

i want to monitor the traffic of a Cellular Connection with PRTG.
Unfortunately when i try to add a SNMP traffic sensor i only can choose the cabeled wan interfaces, not the cellular ports.

I also tried to use the pepwave mib, but with that im not able to monitor any traffic.

Does anyone know how to solve this in prtg?

Thanks in advance.

Is your cellular connection enabled all the time or is it a backup?

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I tried to add sensors when the cellular was active and when it was backup.
Both times i could only create sensors for other WAN connections out of cellular.

I am quickly running out of ideas. Have you played with the Peplink device MIB? It may have some extended OID for the cellular connections. I don’t know for sure, but it is worth taking a look.

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Im having the same issue. I cannot even get the WAN sensors to work. Im running 6.3 and using the correct MIB but still get nothing. What am I doing wrong here?