SNMP monitoring with PRTG monitor

Hi there, I am experimenting SNMP monitoring using PRTG monitor.
It looks like sensors are showing wrong values, are there any calculations which must be applied to sensors?



  • Does PRTG monitor affect Balance One CPU? I ask because intervals cannot be set to any value lower than 30 seconds (I’d like to poll every 5/10 seconds if possible)
  • Each Tx/rx sensor offers 3 possible choices 0,1,3. What’s the difference?

Maybe @sitloongs can help?


  • the PRTG MIB importer shows WAN usage units in MB, while in PRTG monitor I have forced Mb using scaling division 11 to show meaningful values
  • The CPU load sensor does not show meaningful values, regardless the units selected within the MIB importer. I have tried to change the preset unit from “Custom” to “Percentage”, dividng or multiplying values, no change. Is this a faulty sensor?

Basically there’s no documentation to get meaningful values!

Help @sitloongs!

Firmware and MIB version is 8.1.1

Not using PRTG, but we poke all our units with a combination of Observium and Telegraf for basic stats - reminds me the need to revisit my project to get decent cellular metrics recorded.

I’d think dividing by 8 is probably more likely, bits to bytes / octets etc…

I get sensible CPU readings for all of our Balance and Transits - it seems accurate, what OID are you collecting exactly?

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Hello Will,
I am using Device > Device Info usage > Device CPU Load

I’d think dividing by 8 is probably more likely, bits to bytes / octets etc…

I’ve tried that, but the calculated values were ways too high…

I am now getting inconsistent readings also for WAN usage… Peplink should definitely clarify this!