SNMP Monitoring of AP One

I’ve looked throughout the forum and not finding this answer:

On the AP One product, I am trying to get SNMP information as to track the slowness/lag/drops we are experiencing. I found the MIB files, and have incorporated them into the SNMP product we are using (PRTG).
I have imported the Peplink WLAN MIB file, but when I try and use it I get the following message:

SNMP v1:
Error connecting to device. Check IP, port, community

SNMP v2c: (community name: public, SNMP port 161, SNMP timeout 5 sec)
Error connecting to device. Check IP, port, community

I was getting a similar error (connectivity) when trying to just use SNMPWalk. The AP is on the same LAN and VLAN as the device I’m using to try and connect to it. I tried using a basic SNMP query using OID which states it’s “ap wlan info rx bytes” and I get a “no response” message.

Why won’t this work? Why won’t any of my pepwave WLAN products work??

Tried MRTG and Windows SNMP monitoring also. The AP One acts as though it doesn’t recognize the SNMP walk command/requests, so it’s impossible to get the SNMP information.


Following up to see if you succeeded in your SNMP monitoring of the AP One. I have sucessfully tested against firmware 3.3.1 with
both snmpwalk and MRTG so it looks like a configuration or access issue with the errors you described.

Have you configured the correct IP access mask under the SNMP communities ? I have used the following settings with the factory
default configuration under “Configure -> SNMP”:

SNMPv2 Enabled
Read Only community: public
Access settings for public community allow access from any IP:

  • IP Address:
  • IP Mask:

snmpwalk command line:

snmpwalk -v2c -c public

MRTG cfgmaker tool command line:

cfgmaker [email protected]


Yes, in a way.
It’s monitoring it via SNMP, but I’m not able to get any “useful” data for what I’m trying to do. Basically I can tell if it’s up (ping), and get counts on clients etc, but can’t see any of the information from “Information -> Wireless -> Wireless clients” page.
The goal was to find problems as we are having intermittent problems with connectivity, but without that info I’m stuck staring at that page in my browser, or reacting to a problem and hoping support and the debug dumps help. So far we’ve eliminated a few of the problems through various firmware updates, but we still run across situations that I can’t tell for sure if it’s a problem with the wireless or not. I’ve been able to rule out my network but the access points are still a black hole when it comes to data.

Thanks for the post though. If you have any luck with Mib files that do any of the above please let me know. I’m pretty sure I’ve tried all the combinations and don’t get any of that information.


Looked into this further. I was able to get information from “Wireless -> Connected Clients” in the AP-STATION MIB.

While walking the tree I notice that it would often timeout. Some parts of the tree take a long time to fetch info so I increased the timeout from the default of 1 second and was able to get all data. Increase SNMP timeout on your software if possible.

Try first with the example OID from your original post:

snmpwalk -v2c -c public -m all .
AP-WLAN::apWlanInfoRxBytes.0 = Counter64: 9145

Here I query the AP-STATION MIB and get info on the connected Nokia Phone:

snmpwalk -v2c -c public -m all .
AP-STATION::apStaIndex.0.0.0 = INTEGER: 0
AP-STATION::apStaMacAddress.0.0.0 = STRING: xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
AP-STATION::apStaIpAddress.0.0.0 = IpAddress:
AP-STATION::apStaManufacturer.0.0.0 = STRING: "Nokia Corporation"
AP-STATION::apStaTimeAssociated.0.0.0 = STRING: "00:00:11"
AP-STATION::apStaConnectedTime.0.0.0 = STRING: "Thu Jan  1 00:27:54 1970"
AP-STATION::apStaRssi.0.0.0 = INTEGER: 47
AP-STATION::apStaTxRate.0.0.0 = Counter64: 0
AP-STATION::apStaRxRate.0.0.0 = Counter64: 54
AP-STATION::apStaRadioPolicy.0.0.0 = INTEGER: radio802dot11g(1)
AP-STATION::apStaTxPackets.0.0.0 = Counter64: 4
AP-STATION::apStaRxPackets.0.0.0 = Counter64: 3
AP-STATION::apStaTxBytes.0.0.0 = Counter64: 500
AP-STATION::apStaRxBytes.0.0.0 = Counter64: 3201
AP-STATION::apStaTxRetriesPackets.0.0.0 = Counter64: 0
AP-STATION::apStaRxRetriesPackets.0.0.0 = Counter64: 0
AP-STATION::apStaTxExcessiveRetriesPackets.0.0.0 = Counter64: 0
AP-STATION::apStaRxDuplicatesPackets.0.0.0 = Counter64: 1
AP-STATION::apStaTxErrorPackets.0.0.0 = Counter64: 0
AP-STATION::apStaRxErrorPackets.0.0.0 = Counter64: 0

Let me know if you are successful. This was done on firmware: 3.3.1 build 1124