SNMP Error


i’m using PRTG Monitor, i want to add a sensor to monitor the BW, and the CPU on the PepLink 580, HW revision 1, firmware 6.2.2, but i got the error: " no such instance(snmp error# 223), what is the problem with this ?


Have you using SpeedFusion on this unit? If not, please upgrade to v6.3.0 and download latest MIB here.

OID for CPU was supported in v6.3.0.

no, i’m not using SpeedFusion.
and for the firmware virsion our Blanace 580 hardware revision is HW1, is it ok to upgrade it to V6.3.0 ?


Yes, you may upgrade to v6.3.0.

Ok. Thank you for your reply.
But what about the speedFusion?
For now i’m not using speedFusion, but for sure i will use it in the future, Does the v6.3 will cause any problem to the SpeedFusion? Or what is the point of your question"Have you use speed fusion?" ?


We have SpeedFusion performance reduced in older generation Balance models. Please find here for the details. This will be rectified in the coming release.