SNMP enumeration of interfaces changes



I just made an update of one of my Peplink Balance ONEs.
The problem is, that the interface-numbers are not "stable:

Before upgrade: 4G-interface: 007
After upgrade: 4G-interface: 011

Before upgrade: First VPN - 008
After upgrade: First VPN - 009

–> My monitoring fails.

How can I achieve, that these definitions are “stable”?




Do you mean the interface number is changed ? May i know the firmware version before and after upgrade firmware ?

Beside that , wold you able to share the SNMP OID you are using ?



It was an update from one 7.1.1 build to another.

I am using PRTG which checks:

  • description:
  • status:




Would you able to confirm the firmware version that you upgraded ?



It was 7.1.1s067-build3888 to 7.1.1s104 build 3995


Please try our MIB. You should able to query with OIDs below:



Don’t think this is related to the firmware upgrade as your device still running under firmware 7.1.1.

I may need more information from you in-order to confirm this.

Would you please share me the ifIndex & IfDescr for your device now ? That should give you the current interface mapping for the device now.

ifIndex - .
ifDescr - .

If you find the SNMP polling results can’t share here, please PM me the results and we can further discuss the results using private message (PM).