Sneak peek into our new networking solution: 48-port switch

We want to give you a sneak peek into our latest product development. We are currently working on a 48-port switch. Here are some preliminary specifications that we can share with you:

LAN Interface
32x 10/100/1000M RJ45 Ports
16x 2.5/5G RJ45 Ports
4x 10G SFP+ Ports
2x 25G SFP28 Ports

802.3bt PoE & 802.3at PoE

440 x 350 x 45 (mm)


Nice, thank you. I like the short depth.

does it have stacking capability?
will there be other models in the range?


I like it a lot, nice balance between the port types for a regional office. It would be helpful if at least some of the 2.5/5G RJ45 Ports supported 10GbaseT as well.

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Oh, and how much buffer memory does it have?

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Very nice and certainly bringing the access switch offering into a more modern feature set, hopefully you are also working on some aggregation / distribution style switches too with a reasonable density of 10/25 and 100G ports.

I’d echo the request for the mGig ports to do the full 1/2/5.5/10G range of speeds.

  • Will .bt PoE Available from any port or just the mGig ones?
  • What extent of .bt spec are you going to, Type 3 or Type4?
  • What total PoE budget will you expect the switch to offer?
  • Will the switch have redundant PSUs, will they be fixed or field replaceable / hot swap?
  • Same for fan modules, will this be fixed or replaceable?
  • Any plans if the fans were swappable to offer reverse airflow options?

Hello @charliet,
Can you make the new model:

  • So it is Fanless like the 24 Port Rugged?
  • Able to use external plug packs/DC options like the 24 Port Rugged?

How long until we can get it RCM’d certified (it would be great to have this new 48 Port switch available globally all at the same time, not 12 months later for AU/NZ after the rest of the world).

Do you have preliminary sketches that you can share?

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Any more updates or launch timing?

I’ll second asking for updates. We need to purchase some 48 port switches, and we are short one on a current project, and the current model is unavailable for purchase.

Hi Peplink Team,

I would love a much smaller 2.5 GbE switch w/ POE, to support multiple WiFi-6 access points in RV/boat installations that support traveling gamers and content creators, who have multiple local gaming systems, local NAS, etc. Typical usage scenario would be a MAX Pro router (e.g. BR2 Pro 5G connected to starlink and marina/resort WiFi), with the local LAN containing 2 or more AP One AX. Ideal product for this applications is probably an 8-port PoE switch with all ports at least 2.5 GbE, and preferably with at least 2 multi-gig ports that can do 1/2.5/5/10.


Curious on the decision to choose SFP28 over QSFP.

Are 2.5Gbps peplink switches vaporware? The original discussion started three years ago:

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