SMTP server behind firewall on the Lan

I’ve a deployment with a couple of 580 in HA, configured in bridge mode.
On the LAN there’s a Cisco ASA firewall with a DMZ where there’s a SMTP server.

The DMZ has a dedicated subnet, different from the Peplink one, so to make it reachable from Internet I’ve defined a static route with the ASA outside interface as gateway.
All is working well, from the Internet the DMZ is reachable and mail is delivered.

The problem is when I try to connect to the SMTP from the Peplink to send notifications. I could not manage to reach it.

I tried with a Ping from the Peplink to the SMTP Server address:
If I test from WAN1, I got a redirect from the Internet router and no more.
If I test from LAN, I got no response.
On the ASA log there’s no trace of packets from the Peplink.

Does the peplink use the Static Routes from his own traffic?


The Balance should be able to send email notifications from the LAN to get to this DMZ network. It will consider the static route as a local LAN network for routing its own traffic. Does a traceroute from the Peplink LAN take you to the outside interface of the ASA?

I tried a Traceroute from the Balance LAN to the DMZ IP while doing a Network Capture on the Balance, and I cannot find evidence of traceroute traffic in the LAN interface dump.

Please open up a support ticket with us here so we can investigate the issue.