SMS and USSD support for 2G/3G/4G SIMs on MAX cellular routers


USSD and SMS support for MAX Cellular Routers - Need a way to select my dataplan, check my data balance by sending SMS or USSD commands to the Mobile Operator from each SIM. I can only use prepaid (no postpaid) SIMs on my projects and every few weeks I need to select a new dataplan for my SIM. I cannot jump on a plane each time so I need to be able to remotely select the data plans for prepad GSM/UMTS plans.


Hi Vivo, is SMS support enough for your use case or USSD is a must? Thanks.


SMS is enough on the networks I am currently using. I would like to be able to send and receive SMS’s for each SIM. Is that possible?


SMS is currently not supported but it’s on our roadmap for a release by the middle of the year. Thank you again for your feedback.


Hi Team - I would like to mention I have had this request a couple of times as well since we have started to be able to supply other countries with the velocity series. Please keep us posted on how this develops.

Thank you -
Mike Maitland


Hello, I am also interested in this feature for my Pepwave Max BR1. Is there any update on the availability of this feature? I see that it was on the roadmap for mid-2014 – well over 1 year ago. Could you give us an update? Thanks so much!



Hi Craig,

The latest firmware 6.2.2 on MAX BR1 already support this. Firmware can be found here and here is the release note link.



Thank you for the prompt reply. When I check for a firmware update via the web interface, it tells me “No update available”. I’m running 6.2.0 build 1902 firmware on a Pepwave MAX BR1 (Product Code: MAX-BR1-AE), hardware revision 2. Thank you for your continued assistance.



OK, I manually updated the firmware on my router and the option is now there. However, when I click on “SIM Toolkit”, it just says “No SIM information” in the “SIM Status” box. I have ensured I’m trying this while my cellular / 3g connection is active / connected. Thanks for your help.



Hi Craig,

Please open ticket and turn on remote assistance for us to take a closer look?



Thanks, Eddy. I just did as you requested. I appreciate your help!