SMC Wireless modem/router before peplink 30

I have a cable modem/wireless router that has the wireless users running off. It is The peplink is then connected to this router along with 2 dsl lines from another provider. The peplink is then attached to a switch to connect the printers and other devices. How do I have the users that are on the wireless a) print to the printers attached to the peplink and b) see the other devices on the network for file sharing?

Hi Wayne,

Your setup is not ideal because the wireless users are on a separate network and cannot enjoy the added bandwidth and redundancy from the 2 DSL lines that the Peplink is providing. If the cable modem goes down, then the wireless users will have no internet connectivity.

The best way to resolve this is to disable the wireless on the cable modem and put a wireless access point on the LAN side of the Peplink. I recommend the superior Pepwave AP One.

Hope this helps.