Small UI bug in 7.0 firmware

In the AP settings, if you have customized the channels for the 2.4 gHz channel (I exclude channel 1) then change the channel width - all channels show back up (revert to default).


Thanks for your report. Can you confirm the model and build number? That helps our troubleshooting.

Peplink balance one core. build 2775

One more bug to report.

The default Firmware Pack for the AP controller keeps losing its setting whenever changes are applied to the router config. I have to go in and change it after each config change.

Thank you!

Hi jmjones,

Thanks for reporting the default firmware pack issue.
We have confirmed the cause and we will have a fix in the next release (Probably 7.0.1).

Hi jmjones,

Thanks for your report.
We believe user adjusting channel width are also going to adjust the channel list, because the combination of non-overlapping channels would be different after the adjustment. That’s why our UI reset the channel list after the channel width is changed.
We may see how to improve the presentation to make it less confusing.

A UI bug (perhaps) in firmware 7.0.0 ?

I have a Balance 20, H/W Rev 3. I did an “over-the-air” upgrade from firmware v6.3.3 (build 3231) to v7.0.0 (build 3295) a few weeks back. The other day when I checked my data usage over the past month or two, I saw what appears to be an overflow or similar numeric anomaly in the Status/Bandwidth (data transfer over time) graphs :

  1. If I look at my data transfer for the month of December 2016, I see a download figure of 8.59GB (which is probably not correct - too low), and an upload figure of 17 179 869 184.47 GB, which is definitely incorrect (huge). The error persists whether I display in MB or GB.

  2. If I look at my usage per day for December, there are no entries to support the enormous upload figure.

  3. Likewise, if I look at the usage per client for December, there is no usage to support the upload figure.

It seems either the v7 firmware itself computes the buggy total, or it didn’t pick up from the previous total computed under v6.3.3.

Anyone else seen anything similar after doing the v7 upgrade ?

UPDATE 1 : Just changed to Build 3302 of the v 7.0.0 firmware and the error is still there.

UPDATE 2 : Logged with Peplink support under Ticket #769287