Small note could improve balance manual regarding factory reset

It could be helpful to add a small note to the manual page 228 -

There is a dual function to the reset button.
Hold for 5-10 seconds for admin password reset (green status light starts blinking)
Hold longer than 10 seconds for factory reset (green status light turns red, maybe?)

I was confused by the behavior when I tried it until I searched this forum. When the green light started blinking after many seconds, I thought that was doing the factory reset. It was actually only telling me that the admin password had been reset. I continued to wait for several minutes while nothing was happening thinking the factory reset had been initiated, which it had not. I didn’t want to risk interrupting it.

The manual currently says:
"Appendix A. Restoration of Factory Defaults
To restore the factory default settings on a Peplink Balance unit, perform the following:
For Balance models with a reset button:

  1. Locate the reset button on the Peplink Balance unit.
  2. With a paperclip, press and keep the reset button pressed for at least 10
    seconds, until the unit reboots itself."

Thanks! We will update the user manual accordingly.

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