Slower than expected WiFi speeds with AP One Rugged



I recently added a 4th AP One Rugged. Installation/configuration was a snap, joining with the three others already configured in my Balance One.

The 3.6.0 firmware seems to have made roaming/hand-off for Apple devices much smoother – we were having trouble before with several seconds of no connectivity as we moved around.

Question now: though devices show connected on 5 GHz AC and are within a few feet of an AP with line of sight, I never get more than 105 Mbps download throughput with these APs. I would expect substantially faster speeds. Is there something I may be doing wrong?

I’d like to stick with the Pepwave APs, but if I can get 3-5 times the wireless speed for less money then it is a hard argument to win.



Please try 3.6.0s18 which includes a fix for the reported issue.


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The new firmware made a big difference. WiFi speed went from about 100 Mbps to approaching 300 Mbps on an iPad Pro. That’s through the AP to Balance One and out to the internet. The internet connection is limited by the Balance One’s 600 Mbps or so throughput. I don’t have things set up here for more precise testing of internal LAN transfer speed.

I’m pleased to see Peplink continuing to work on the AP One firmware. Adding 80211.r and fixing this speed issue address my only two concerns. Ease of configuration and reliability have been outstanding.

Wish list:

  1. Enable 802.11r on the Balance One. Hand-off was enough of a problem that I’ve turned off the Balance One’s internal AP for now.

  2. Release an updated Balance One or similar at the same price point that can handle 1 Gbps or more throughput. Gigabit internet is becoming more common for small office / home office implementations.