Slow Wi-Fi as WAN

Testing out Wi-Fi WAN. Have speedfusion/vpn turned off.

I connected HD4 to the Wi-Fi I want to use as WAN. Get only 5-10 Mbps down, 4 up. When connecting to that same Wi-Fi network with an iPhone, I get 70 Mbps down and 9 up.

Should I be seeing a performance hit that huge?

MTU is set to Auto. Have tried both with and without HD4 acting as an AP (currently disabled).



Assume this is your setup:

Wireless client )))Wireless frequency A))) HD4 )))Wireless frequency B))) AP —> Router —> Internet

Please share the wireless frequency A and B in the setup above.

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Same symptoms here.
2.4Ghz Wi-Fi WAN (Frequency B) , and 5Ghz AP (Frequency A)

The HD4 is taking a ~125Mbps symmetrical wifi network and bringing it down to 10Mbps down, 5Mpbs up.

I suspect the problem may relate to the environmental factor. Please get help from your purchasing point. The on-site survey may be needed.