Slow speeds

I have the Max Transit Duo Pro with the Mobility antennae. The download speeds are as low as 0.5 Mbps. Some more details. I placed a Tmobile sim card with the perpetual “obtaining IP address”. Could that be what is causing slow speeds on the other sim card? The primary provider is First Net, which is a data plan that initially worked without the T mobile sim card.

Second issue. I am on the phone waiting for Tmobile to help create a APN that is compatible with their towers. The initially person didn’t know anything about APN. The current APN is Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?

Is this in a fixed location or a vehicle? What happens if you drive the vehicle to the other side of town or some other area where signal might be better? If its in a fixed location what is that? A building? Is the antenna on the roof? Gotta be more detailed with explanation of the deployment itself.

There are all sorts of additional details that you should provide to help people troubleshoot this…

Take a screenshot of the Dashboard. How many BARS are there for each modem? 1 Bar? 5 Bars? This sort of info is very relevant

Take a screenshot of the DETAILS view of each modem - focusing exclusively on the SIGNAL LEVELS/NUMBERS.

Regarding the 2nd issue… sounds like a waste of time. There is no such thing as “create a APN that is compatible with their towers”. That paragraph isn’t really question. No one on this forum can fix “made up stuff” that the T-Mobile customer support made up. We can fix help the underlying problem, but not that. Usually mis-matched APN will not cause slow speeds but would prevent connection entirely. That APN is the correct APN that I use with my T-Mobile SIM.

Ok thanks. I’ll get more details. Any thoughts on what else could be causing the perpetual “obtaining IP address” issue?

Stuck at obtaining ip address means that “some carrier exists” where you are but the SIM card is not setup with appropriate access to establish a data signal.

Is there some other means of determining if T-Mobile actually even has service at this spot?

what t-mobile plan?

for at&t, what are your signal levels?

Coincidentally, I just worked with support for a T-Mobile plan and they gave me a few APNs to try:


None of them worked for me in my Peplink MAX Transit CAT-18 (where it seems there are many plans that do not work), but they worked in a hotspot. Maybe one of those could get your T-Mobile to connect? Might be worth a shot anyway.