Slow speed with Peplink 580


Peplink 580 slow speeds


I have a Peplink 580. Got a fiver from telecom Malaysia unifi. My internet speed is 800mbps. When I use an Asus modem I get around 840mbps Speedtest. When I connect the same modem to Peplink, I get 400mbps.

Why can’t the Peplink keep up with Asus which is cheaper router??

Anyone can help?


Can you share the hardware revision and firmware version of the Balance 580?


Hardware Revision 3

Firmware : 7.1.1 build 2460


This is not expected and I believe something need to be checked and tuned. I suggest contact your point of purchase (local Peplink partner) to do further checking and testing.



I have opened a support ticket from Peplink. Today is the second day. Waiting for Peplink.

How long does support take ?



We will respond you as soon as possible. Please always contact your point of purchase if it is urgent. Local partner will provide better coverage.

Peplink 580 vs ASUS Router (cheap router)

I have. No solution.

Advised to to try things. Done and it does. It work. What i did last night was attached.

So what do I do now?

Local guy suggestions (from Peplink) not working