Slow resolving dns

I have Peplink 20 binding cable 50/10 mbit/s and dsl 45/6 mbit/s. Max 25 devices. 4 active users.
When I am pinging external dns servers like google dns or 3 dns I get 10 ms response.
What I am experiencing is that the website resolve very slow. Sometimes to start pulling a new site take 5-10 seconds, sometimes even stalls.
What might be causing such a delay in resolving dns? When I tried caching on the router it was taking even longer. I do have health check set DNS lookup.

I did all the test at night when nothing was hogging the bandwidth. Has anyone had problems like that?


Forgot add: 6.2.2 build 3008


It could be a routing or config error as well.

I would try first setting:

  1. MTU to auto.
  2. Route all traffic through a single WAN

We may need to take a closer look at the current configuration of the router if MTU is not the fix.

You may open a support ticket here:

Otherwise you may also reach out to the point of purchase/reseller as well.

Thank you. I changed both MTU to auto and I will monitor the situation.

Which method do you guys recommend to monitor the health of the connection?


This is depend the WAN conditions.

Recommended please use DNS lookup as this is the default health check method for the WAN. Make sure you find a reliable public DNS server for the health check.

Thank You