Slow Internet with Surf SOHO


Please Help!!!
We started having a very slow internet connection when behind the pepwave. when I connect the computer directly to the modem I get expected speed (100Mbps) but switching the same cable back to the router drops the speed down to 5~6 Mbps!
I tried different Firmware versions, different computers and different Ethernet cables but the output is the same

Model: Pepwave Surf SOHO
Current Firmware: 6.3.4 build 2625 (tried other ones)
Warranty Expiry Date: 2019-01-24 (In warranty)

any help will greatly appreciated


Hi @armin. It will be interesting to see how this turns out. I wish I could offer a solution. There have been numerous threads regarding this – with SOHO and the lower-end Balance models. We have duplicated this many times, although your degradation is much more than we usually see. No solutions have been offered thus far, so far as I am aware. (So far as we know this issue is independent of firmware versions.)


Please open a support ticket for support team to check. This may related to link negotiated speeds for LAN/WAN Ethernet physical connection. Further investigation need to be done to confirm this.

Which forum threads you are referring ? We would like to further review on it.


Where can I open a support ticket?


Hi @armin,

You can open a support ticket here :




Hi @armin, did you get any help with this issue? I’m having the exact issue.

Tweaking settings can get me from 3 mbps to as high as 33 - 44, but going directly through the modem, I get over 100 mbps.

Interested in knowing if someone responded to your ticket.



armin just replied the support ticket without providing detail info how the issue being fixed. He just mention the issue resolved.

Can you please open a support ticket here for support team to check ?


I’m not sure what they did but I noticed that the pep support team was remotely connected to my router and did stuff that are not visible on the GUI and it started working properly. now I’m getting more than 90Mbps without any clues how this was fixed!


I did not touched anything but I noticed that the remote support on the router was on and probably someone from your side was working on it. I also noticed couple of reboots on the router which I didn’t initiated!
so I don’t have any detailed information on how to got it fixed!


@armin, checked with the tech support who handled your case. He never accesses your router. He just trying to assess your problem by providing a list of questions. Then he got your feedback the problem was resolved by next day. You may enable the Remote Assistance on the SOHO if you wish us to check why the SOHO was rebooted.



Yes please check and let me know why that happened. I’ll really appreciate your help.

Just let me know when should I enable remote support and I’ll do it.