Slow internet with Balance 580

We are new to the business and have a small wisp company, 350 clients. Some are saying that they are having problems with the new HBO and Showtime apps. Will this unit fix that we presently have a 580 Peplink

Balance 580 doesn’t has caching capability. Can you elaborate more the problem you are facing?

Our clients seem to have good download speed but they report slow internet, things seem to hang up or time out.

I will move your post to another thread. Do allow me to ask question below with you.

  1. Please share your network connectivity?

  2. Please provide screenshot of bandwidth usage (Status > Real-Time) when problem occur.

  3. The problem only happen during peak hours?

  4. All other websites affected beside HBO and Showtime apps?

  5. All other users (wired and wireless PC) are affected when problem occurs?