Slow internet Vodafone Australia

Hi Everyone,

I have a Pepwave Max MAX-BR1-MINI-LTE-E-T which we have put a Vodafone Australia sim in.

Internet is working, but very slowly less than 1MB/sec. When we do a speedtest on one of our vodafone mobiles we are downloading at 80mb/sec and upload at 30mb/sec

I have just updated to firmware 7 and have the following settings entered for sim:
Subnet Selection: AUTO
Routing Mode: NAT
DNS Servers: Obtain Automatically
LTE/3G: LTE Only (Problem doesn’t go away when set on auto)
Username: (blank)
Password: (blank)
SIM PIN: (blank) we haven’t set a pin for this

IP Passthrough enabled
Standby State: Remain connected
Idle Disconnect: (box is unchecked)

Health Check Settings: (not sure if relevant)
Method: SmartCheck
Timeout 5 seconds
Health check interval: 10 Seconds
Health check retries: 3
recovery retries: 3

Dynamic DNS: Disabled
MTU 1428

Does anyone have any pointers to fix this speed problem?

Thanks for your help

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Hi @nplug,

Could you try editing the DNS servers to and respectively instead of obtaining automatically?
You could also try setting up a PING or DNS lookup healthcheck.

Hope this helps,


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Hello @nplug,
What phone are you comparing your speeds too?
The MAX-BR1-MINI-LTE-E-T model does not support all of the available mobile carrier frequencies that new phones do from within Australia.
You are welcome to PM myself directly as I’m based in Australia to discuss if you wish.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies.

I am comparing the modem with a Samsung Galaxy S6. I am aware that the S6 connects to the 4GX towers whilst the modem doesn’t, however I spoke to the people we are borrowing the modem from and they reckon they have heard of people through their industry who get similar speeds from the modem, which is way faster than the 1mb/sec we are currently pulling from the modem.

Would you please contact @mldowling ? He is Peplink local partner in Australia that can help you better.
Else please open a support ticket here for support team to check.

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