Slow ethernet connection Soho surf


I seem to be getting very slow speeds on my devices that are connected via ethernet, I get about 40mb on wifi on the same devices but only about 10mb when connected with ethernet.

I only have to Lan’s enabled and I am getting slow speeds on both. My network speed on these was set to auto but changing to 100mb half duplex didnt improve anything (I tried full duplex but this stopped the connection, I have since read this is probably due to the older ethernet cable I am using). I have previously had higher speeds using my old router with these cables.

EDIT: I have also tried turning off the advertise speed option on the ports area but this again doesnt help.

I would try a new cable and also check the NIC/settings on the PC. Best to try with a different PC to compare results.

Thanks Tim. I have tried a different cable on my pc and it makes no difference. I get the slow speeds on all three devices that use the the ethernet ports, my pc via a cable directly to one port on the router, my ps4 and sky box via another port on the router, these connect to a switch and that connects to the router.

These ports are configured to use two different vlans.

Not sure how or what to check on my nic settings on my pc but as it affects multiple devices it suggests this is an issue with the router rather than the pc.

Oddly the upload speed doesnt seem to be affected as much as the download speed on these as I still get just under 2mb upload speed when using wifi and ethernet.

You mentioned that all of these devices are connected to a switch that then connects to the SOHO? I would take a look at the switch.

Sorry I wasnt clear, the laptop connects directly to the router, it is only the ps4 and my sky box that use the switch so the switch doesnt seem the problem.

Did you ever resolve your ethernet speed glitch? Seem to be seeing something similar: modem to laptop = 95Mbps down; modem to Surf Soho to laptop = 45Mbps down.
Upload remains at 10 with either path.

In router UI check the port speed, MTU and MSS.
Also, the upload and download bandwidth.
And, the LED lights on the Ethernet port indicate the speed of the ethernet connection, so check that too.

My download speed is 100 and sometimes I speed test at 40 but other times I speed test a bit over 100. Its also dependent on your ISP and the speed test app and the computer running the speed test.


No, nothing got resolved but more because I didnt feel comfortable sending logs and config of my router to support as I wasnt happy about them then being on my email providers servers. I just worked around it by not specifying a separate vlan on the indiviual ports, speed was normal then.