Slow connection to Ubiquiti Unifi switch

I have a client using a Pepwave Max BR1. Their internet connection is a 3rd party Wifi antenna connected to the WAN port and the Max BR1 is then connected to a Unifi network switch. They were reporting slow internet, I investigated and connected the antenna directly to the network switch to see how it performed and we were getting normal bandwidth. If I put another router in between I get normal speeds however when connecting the Pepwave directly back to slow speed.

As everything works normally when the Pepwave is not directly connected I am confused, any suggestions gratefully received!

Sounds like the port speed is not auto negotiating.Could be lan or wan ports - hard to tell without further testing. Suggest manually setting port negotiation in support.cgi page:

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I did set the port speeds manually, but no difference.

Best Open a Ticket for engineering to investigate.

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