Slow connection on Max BR1 Mini

I have the Max BR1 Mini with a very strong t-mobile cellular signal. When using the max, the download speeds are roughy .5Mb and .2Mb up.

Placing the exact same SIM card in a mobile hotspot modem or my iPhone X, in the same location, the speeds are 60mb down and 20mb up.

Any reason why? Any settings to review?

I have both the Main and the AUX antennas securely fastened.

The slow speeds are for both WiFi and Ethernet.



What kind of data plan are you subscribed to? If it is a residential or unlimited plan this is normal, the carriers can and will throttle speeds once you move your SIM card to a commercial router. Thanks


Try change the bands from Auto to Custom then cycle through the bands. We have seen where a signal is strong but the bandwidth on that band is poor.

Hope This Helps.

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