Slow connection on Max BR-1-A Mini


EDIT: This was resolved and was unrelated to the BR-1


I recently purchased a Verizon AirCard 791L and unlimited prepaid account. When using the Verizon hotspot, I can consistently achieve throughput of 75Mbps without external antennas. The BR-1, however, maxes out at 10Mbps in the same location with dual omni antennas. Here’s the cellular health:

Band LTE: Band 13 (700 MHz) RSSI: -57dB mSINR: 21.8d BRSRP: -82dBm RSRQ: -8.0dB
Secondary Band LTE: Band 4 (AWS 1700/2100 MHz) RSSI: -68dB mSINR: 21.0dB RSRP: -94dB mRSRQ: -6.0dB

The BR-1 has the latest firmware and the cell modules are updated to v02.30.01.01.

The ethernet port is reported at running at 1000mbit on the router side.

Any ideas?

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Well I figured it out! The (non-Pepwave) router had some sort of auto-configuring QoS that was using stale values from a previous provider and strangling the throughput to the Pepwave. It’s humming along now!



I was going to chime in to update the cell modules

I updated mine and found quite a bit better signal on AT&T after the update

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