Slow connection 4G with MAX HD2 IP67


I have an issue with the connection speed.

I have the following setup:

MAX HD2 IP67 with CELL LMO7270 4G M2M Omni antenna (main & aux cables connected).

The 4G provider here offers bandwidth up to 75mbit but the real available speed possible here is 25mbit. (800Mhz)

I have RSSI: -57dBm SNR: 0dB RSRP: -83dBm signal strength but I only get 12mbit down and 12mbit up. And the speed doesnt seem to change between -77db and -57db (tested on several locations where I got different signal strength).

When I did an earlier test in November I did get 25mbit (screenshot available). Unfortunately I didn’t write down the signal strength.

What I don’t understand is why there is no speed difference between the signal differences of -77db and -57db there should be difference right?
Also I believe RSSI: -57dBm SNR: 0dB RSRP: -83dBm is a strong value, correct? What speed should this value give? Theoretically

Can you please help me troubleshoot this?

Thanks, Kim

Hi Kim- Your signal strength is excellent and you most likely will not see a speed increase going from -77db to -57db, these are both really good.

The key here is the term “up to”. The base station you are connecting to may have a 75Mbps pipe, but this is shared amongst all connected devices. Even if all the connected devices (smartphones, tablets, USB modems, etc.) are not actively using the network, the system still reserves some bandwidth for them to provide a good user experience for all. The operator probably also has QoS and shaping policies in place too.

Cellular operators will never be able to offer guaranteed bit rates, this simply cannot be done with such a heavily contended service.

I suspect that back in November there were fewer users on the network and this is why you saw the higher speeds. Actually 12x12 is not too bad for cellular.

Thanks for clearing it up for me :slight_smile:
Good to hear my values are really good.