Slow BW on Router behind Peplink Balance


I have followed the setup from this thread Router (no NAT) behind Peplink router with the same reasons why we are using two different appliances for our network. Now my problem is that the clients behind the USG (Router with no NAT) are getting slow speeds. Note that I have already tried the direct route (w/o Peplink Balance) and it works fine.I am not sure which configuration is wrong so any help will be appreciated.

Peplink Balance:

2 WAN on Load Balance
Outbound policies set on specific websites except for speedtest and other bw test sites
Captive Portal Setup
Individual BW Control
DHCP Reservation
Manual DNS Servers (cloudflare)

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Are you using captive portal with individual bandwidth control?
Captive portal needs to see the end device MAC address to identify specific devices and apply bandwidth limits to their sesisons. With a router in between the balance and the devices, the only MAC the balance sees is the MAC of the router and so all user traffic will get treated as coming from a single device (so all users will get treated as being on a single device).


Yes, we do have one. I managed to resolve the issue after reading your reply. For some reason there is a need to add the either the subnet or the individual clients to the bandwidth QoS user groups. The upload results was weird and threw me off troubleshooting wise but it is working now in terms of the bandwidth clients are getting. Time to check if DPi and all other Unifi stuff works as well. Thanks for pointing that out though, gave me an idea where and what to look. Cheers!

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