Skype Problem when switching WANs

Dear Guys,

Is there any trick or something to prevent Skype disconnection while changing WAN connection ? We tried many things but when you change the WAN, then Skype disconnects and reconnect again and it takes about 10-30 seconds and we loose video and call connections.


I believe the only way is with SpeedFusion Bonding or Hot Fail-Over.
Don’t know of any other way as your WAN IP address is changing.

Determine what ports Skype is using, probably a small range of ports. You can determine this on Status | Active Sessions. Note that the source port and destination port are often different. You want the destination port.

Once you know either the IP or port in use, write an outbound rule with Priority to force that traffic to one specific WAN that you prefer to use. You can do that in Network | Outbound Policy | Custom Rules. Again you want the destination port.

SpeedFusion or HotFailover would be they way to have session persistence. Otherwise if you have multiple WANs and one stays up, you can do like Don mentioned and create an outbound rule that prioritizes one connection over the other, of course if that connection drops you have the same issue without bonding of some kind in place.