Site to Site VPN Throughput

What type of IPSec VPN throughput do the peplink 20/30/210/310 get in real-world testing?

We’ve all seen the various bandwidth numbers manufacturers thrown out there, but what’s some real-world numbers?

A lot of factors come in to play, but you can expect up to 20 Mbps using 128 or 256 AES, and probably around half of that if using 3DES.

Good to see you still at Peplink Tim. :slight_smile: We spoke a few years back about using the peplink products in a hotel environment. Well, my questions are for the same hotel environment, but this time adding site-to-site vpn along with failover.

The bandwidth where the central office is 5Mbps upload, so sending files to the office can happen at 500k/sec.

However, our current mix of Netgear FVS and Cisco RV series products doesn’t yield those speeds. VPN reliability is also important as our current units fail with any high load and need to be rebooted every 24hrs.

Obviously, we’re on a tight budget and I’ll only be able to replace these one unit at a time, so another important factor is the IPsec VPN connectivity to our existing units–Netgear FVS114/FVS124G, Cisco RV016. Thank you for the assistance!

Hi Samir, good to hear from you. Stability and reliability is in our blood and we don’t believe in the word reboot :slight_smile:

If you’re looking for an unbreakable VPN, then you should definitely look at using our SpeedFusion technology!