Site-To-Site VPN & QOS

I have seen this question posted before, but haven’t seen an update in 6 - 8 months. Is there any way to do QOS over the site-to-site vpn? Also is there a way to see or debug the qos inside the Balance routers?

My issue is that I have the 580 deployed at a host site and several 210’s at remote sites. I run voip at the remote sites but they connect to the host site though the site-to-site vpn. I am having issues with voice traffic not getting prioritized over the vpn.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

I have asked for this feature in the past as well. Is this included in the upcoming firmware?

Yes, we are aware of this and our software engineers are working on it. This will be coming out soon.

Thanks for the update Alex. This is a very important feature for us as well. Do we expect this to come out in the first half of 2012?


That is great news - thanks for the update. I would be able to deploy at least 10 more of the 210’s at remote sites if this feature is added.

Hi everyone, we are working hard on this and expect to have it released in the next one to two months. Please do not take this as a guarantee. :slight_smile:

Great news everyone - in coming firmware 5.4 production release, QoS will apply for traffic within bonded Site-to-Site VPN.

All applications under Network > QoS > Application will be supported including VoIP.

Hi Kurt

I was wondering if you have a planned date or appoximate date for the release of 5.4. QOS in the tunnel is something we are being asked about by a potential customer who would like a demonstration before making a decision, they have already had demos of two competing technologies that both offer this but without peplinks nice gui.

Alternatively is there any plan to release another beta with QOS so we could demo that?


Good day James, we are targeting a production release for firmware 5.4 around end of April and you could arrange a demo with your customer by then.

Please stay tuned. We are this close!


We have a customer too with 2 peplinks 710 and we will use VPN with 70 branches using Peplink 310.
The fact that the customer does not have made the purchase and because we are hoping to launch the new firmware 5.4 in order to prioritize applications within the VPN tunnel.

With the the 5.4 firmware will be possible to prioritize traffic by application or we will also continue with this functionality just above the 380 model?


Hi Gustavo,

Application prioritization across our VPN tunnel will be possible with the 310 as well in the upcoming 5.4 firmware release. The QoS engine already has several pre-defined applications, and you can also add custom applications based on port or port range.


Thanks for the info.

You have the date when will be release the of this wonder called firmware 5.4?

We are looking forward for the arrival of this.


Gustavo Vila Verde

The target date is early Q2, and I am thinking it will be 2-3 weeks. Please stay tuned…

Qos in VPN tunnel is a good feature to be have.

But at the same time we also have to consider other issues that will occur after implementing QoS.

We have to consider the overall product quality so by have QoS, will it increase the processing power? Consume more power? Increase cost?

How about management? More management? Will it degrade the existing feature of the product. Need to do a lot of testing?

Any temporary work around? I think peplink balance is getting more and more powerful and maybe the direction is to create an ominipotent product.

Kelley, thank you so much for your comment. We are happy that customers appreciate the same values that we believe. First we are not going to be an UTM :slight_smile: Each new feature that we bring along are carefully and thoroughly evaluated, planned and implemented in strict compliance with our rules. Specifically, we will make sure QoS support has negligible impact on system performance.

We will continue to innovate and bring great products to customers, and we will do our best to guarantee the same high quality that you get to know us.

Keith, thank you for sharing of your insight. With the guided values of stability, high performance, easy to use and creative management team at Peplink, we believe Peplink can balance, innovate and leverage the technologies available further. We wish Peplink can become the leader not only in network agregation but inspire the other industries as well. All the best~!

With the right tool, right strategy, right people, right communication and right info, Peplink can Accelerate!

Thank you for your kind words, Kelley. This is much appreciated.

It’s been a month, is there any update on this?

5.4 GA will be released next Tue. Stay tuned. :slight_smile:

Great news. It feels like Christmas Eve in my office. I hope it was worth the wait.