Site-to-Site VPN || No NAT working

Hi, I bought two Peplink, BPL 210 and BPL 30. I created a site-to-site VPN and has been easy and very fast to setup.

At this moment I have the VPN icon green, indicating that the VPN is working properly.

I can ping from 210 (through the VPN) to the LAN IP of the BPL 30 correctly, and vice versa.

The problem is that I can not ping any host in any of the two networks.

What should be the problem?

Thanks in advance!

Please share some more details about the configuration. What are the LAN subnets at both locations, do you have multiple LANs/VLANs configured wither on the B210 or B30? Are the devices directly connected to the LAN ports of the Balance routers? How do the Balance routers connect to the internet? Do they have routers on their WANs? If so, what are the IPs of the routers on the WANs of the Balance?

The VPN gets the remote device to the LAN, but the firewall blocks it by default. Go to Firewall > Inbound Rules. Assuming your LAN is, add a rule:

Source: (or whatever your LAN is)
Destination Any
Action Allow

You will have to do this on both ends.