Site to site vpn just saying connecting


I am new to using peplink devices and also creating VPNS.

I have 2 balance 310s (one at each location) one balance 310 is connected to a modem router in bridge mode and picks up the correct ip address for the broadband connection and the LAN works fine with internet access.

The second is connected a lease line and also has internet connection and the LAN is working.

I want to create a site to site VPN between the devices, I have created the vpn connection on each device and input the serial number and public IP address for device 1 on device 2 and device 2 on device 1.

All I am getting on the dashboard of the peplink device is connecting? is there anything I need to change or have done incorrectly? one site is on static IP on the peplink the other is on PPPoe if that makes a difference??

any help would be appreciated I understand its a very simple task but being new to this kind of thing.


First of all update both Balance 310’s to the latest GA firmware release (6.2.2).

When you got to Network > Speedfusion in the Webui you should see the PepVPN Local ID field. Use this ID as the remote ID in the VPN profile of the other device rather than the serial number.

We would normally identify one device as the VPN server and the other the VPN client when it comes to creating a VPN connection. The difference is down to which device initiates the VPN connection.

A Peplink device can only initiate a PepVPN connection if it knows what the other Peplink device’s public IP address is. So in a typical configuration you would have one Balance (A) with a VPN profile configured that just has the remote Balance’s (B) PepVPN ID and not the remote balance public IP in the settings - this device (A) then waits for incoming VPN connections from the other Balance (B). Then on the remote device (B)you enter the first devices (A) PepVPN ID and its public IP too. Then the remote device B will initiate the VPN to A.

Give that a try and let us know how you get on.

Hi thank you for your reply, i have updated the 310s and they are both using speedfusion now.

This is the setup at the minute now.

Site A (the server) has the remote ID of site B but not the public ip address.

Site B has the remote ID and the public IP address of site A.

The dashboard shows the speed fusion status as … starting - updating routes - creating tunnel then goes back to starting again.


Ok great so a step closer. The next thing to check is that that you have unique LAN subnets at both locations. They need to be unique for routing to work ie site A and site B

If they are different, what is the WAN IP of the balance connected to the leased line? Is that IP in the same range as the LAN of either Site A or Site B?

I didn’t have the LAN subnets different, I changed them last night and the connection was showing on the dashboard as established.

However I have come back to it this morning and on the dashboard it has gone back to the starting-creating tunnel.

The LANs and WANs are on different IP ranges still, nothing seems to of changes from last night apart from the connectivity status.


If you could open a ticket with us, one of our technical team members will be able to take a closer look.