Site to Site VPN between Peplinktwo and Linksys Router

Can Site Site VPN be established by Public IP Addresses and Preshared Key only between Peplinktwo and Linksys LRT224?

Don’t see why not. Page 54 on the manual shows IPSEC support, The balance two also supports IPSEC VPN.

I think you’ll be fine.

Thank you, reason I asked is because in Peplink IPSec VPN setup it mentions that it is only compatible with other Peplink routers or Cisco or Juniper

I think that the officially supported list is artificially restricted to limit how much support Peplink engineering have to supply rather than for technical reasons.

Sure someone here will chip in if I’m wrong…

Thank you, Now a very wierd issue. I just set up the Peplink 20 replacing a RV042 , Pep20 WAN1 is connected to a Comcast Router ( bridged out) , WAN 1 is configured with Static Public IP, I am able to Ping and Traceroute via Peplink interface but not able to Browse the Internet ( go to a any website) from a Laptop connected to LAN port of Peplink . Ipconfig shows correct configuration. ( DG, DNS and
Reconnected RV042 and If I connect WAN 2 of Peplink as a DHCP client to RV042 , picks up and connect the Laptop to LAN port of Peplink (gets the same IP as mentioned before), I can browse the internet , any Idea why with Static IP ( which is copied from RV042) I can not browse the internet but with WAN 2 configured as DHCP client of RV042 I can browse the internet.

I expect that Comcast expects to see the MAC address from the RV042.
Get that devices MAC address and change the Balance 20 with it in WAN settings

Then try the swap again.

Thank you, will try tomorrow as I am setting up at a location. I am just baffled why I can traceroute any site successfully via the Tools in System tab but not able to browse the internet when using Static IP for WAN 1.

Thank You Very Much, it worked. I appreciate your help and expertise and I am going to buy you a Coffee , actually a Lunch on me .

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Excellent! Very glad you worked it out.
Thanks for buying me lunch - really appreciate it.