Site to Site VPN - Aggregated Upload and Download?

Hi There,

Looking to implement a better internet service for a company in a poorly serviced area.

Was wondering about putting a Peplink device in a data centre with a single high speed fibre or similar connection then tunnelling that service down three or more ADSL services to the client end.

Is this possible with Peplink products?

See links of diagrams I have done

The Layout ( Account Suspended )

The Concept ( Account Suspended )

Hi Arnold,

Looking at the network diagrams provided, our Peplink Site-to-Site VPN best suits your deployment.

As mention in the diagram, we will need to place both sites to achieve Peplink Site-to-Site VPN.

We are able to bond the WAN links as mention in the diagram.

You can refer to for more details


Thanks Eric,

Quote “As mention in the diagram, we will need to place both sites to achieve Peplink Site-to-Site VPN.”

What do you mean by “place”

Also what equipment do you recommend at either end?

Thanks Again

Hi Arnold,

What I meant was to deploy both sites each with a Peplink appliance to achieve the Peplink Site-to-Site VPN.

Based on the network diagram provided, we would recommend a 710 for the Data Center and 580 for the Client.

You can refer to for more details.

If you require any further detailed inquiries, you can contact us at


Thanks Again Eric,

Is there any reason that a lower end Balance 20 or 30 couldn’t be used at the client end?

Also aggregated up link speed is one of our main objectives in this project. Can you confirm that using a Peplink deployment we will get full aggregated bandwidth on uplink? This means that I can upload at the (aprox.) sum total of the multiple upload speeds using one data stream. I have been told that some products only offer upload at the maximum of one ADSL tail per data stream.

Thanks In advance

Hi Arnold,

Possible to contact our sales as they will provide you more on the details.


Posted here for Reference:

Hi Arnold,

Thank you for your interest in Peplink.

And again your concept will work well with our bandwidth bonding technology. In fact some of our partners have successfully deployed similar setup to deliver high-bandwidth Internet access to areas with limited options.

The reason why we will need Peplink Balance 210 or above at the client end is that, to be able to truly bond the 5 ADSLs so that they will become one Internet pipe with a maximum upsteam and downstream bandwidth of 2.5Mbps and 11Mbps, we will need our bandwidth bonding technology that comes with Peplink Site-to-Site VPN available on Balance 210 or above model.

Having 5 ADSL connections at the client side Balacne 580 supporting 5 Ethernet WAN links would be model we are looking at. For the datacentre with 200Mbps of throughput (100Mbps upstream and 100Mbps downstream) we are looking at the Balance 1350 with a bonded throughput of 350Mbps.

Please feel free to check our the detailed Peplink specs at and let us know your comment.

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The Peplink Team

Does this really make sense to put the the 1350 in the datacenter if you just about to serve one client with a bounded capacity of 11 Mbit down speed and 2.5 MBit up speed like Arnold said?

I fully agree to put a 580 on the client side because of the 5 ADSL lines with each 2.2/0.5 Mbit/sec. But this site to site VPN created in the 580 is jus about to produce 11/2.5 Mbit/sec up/down trafic on the oposite site in the data center.

Just from visiting your I came to the conclusion a 210 would fit perfect int he datacenter IF I do NOT want to serve any other clients from that datacenter based 210. The specs for the 210 talk here about 30 Mbit/sec for Bonded VPN Throughput.

I am just curios because I have a similar setup. Just correct me if I am wrong.

Kind Regards

Uwe Guenther