Site to multi site VPN with speedfusion

We have the peplink 710 in HQ with 14 peplink 310 in offices the topology connection between offices is star topology (VPN) cannot to provide public IP on some offices is it possible to use the Dyn dns in the some sites or there is another solution

With the SpeedFusion VPN only the Peplink 710 at the HQ location needs to have a public IP, all of the remote Peplink 310’s can use dynamic IP’s.

SirSome offices (from 14 peplink 310) has PPPOE connection, so the dynamic IP always change and we lose the VPN connection when the IP changes.So can we establish stable VPN when we put 32015 in custom port in HQ 710 peplink site and put HQ public IP in all other remote site?


Only one of the Wans of 710 must have public IP (or nat the TCP port 32015 and UDP port 4500 to peplink). The others Wan of 710 and the wans of the 14 B310 doesnt matters.

The wan of B710 that have public ip can have a static ip or dyndns.