Single Connection Issue

I recently purchased a BR1-MK2 modem from MMH. I currently have a cricket data only SIM installed which is recognized and works. I am able to access the web interface through

My problem is that I can only connect one device at a time. For example, I can connect to the internet via my laptop but my iPhone or iPad only shows “No Internet Connections”. The maximum number of clients that I have selected is “unlimited”. Is there something in the web admin page that I’m missing?

Blane Balch

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Any chance you have IP Passthrough enabled (look in the cellular WAN settings)? If so turn that off.

Thank you Martin. IP Passthrough was enabled. Once I disabled it, that did the trick. I knew it had to be something simple.

I’m new to the cellular modem game so I’m learning on the fly. Thanks again for your help.

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