Single antenna enclosure for antennas for max duo and wifi

I am getting a max transit duo. I need to put together a box, like a pelican case, that will contain the max transit duo and maybe a battery and cable that will power it. I would like to find an antenna enclosure, possibly similar to the pepwave 401, that also has wifi antennas. So I can permanently attach the antenna enclosure to the outside of the case and wire it thru the case (I’ll have to make a hole in the case I realize.) Anyone using something like this or know of something. Thanks

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Hi. That seems to be a fairly common desire. @MartinLangmaid made one of the first ones I saw – his “Cloudcase.” And, Slingshot6 has refined them considerably since then. Beautifully done.
I made this one for my own use when traveling –

It’s a MAX Mini-LTEA with the optional license, 7AH battery, dual powerpole connectors (for charger and accessories), combo V meter and USB ports, switches and 2 fuses (3A to the Mini and 7A to the powerpoles.) Power is hot-switchable between wall wart and battery/charger.
I use external antennas when necessary but most of the time the OEM antennas (as shown) work just fine – even when riding in the back seat of my truck. I considered installing bulkhead antenna jacks through the case but decided not to - which I think was right for what I wanted to accomplish.
No doubt you could make one much prettier than mine! :smirk:

Here is my MAX Transit Cloudcase. Uses custom LTE and dual band wifi antennas in the Lid. Works very well indeed.

Went for broadcast batteries as you can get them anywhere. We sell the enclosure without the Transit globally.

Have also made a nifty BR1 Mini case with inbuilt hot-failover 7AH battery but I don’t sell this one as a product as its far too cool and might hurt people with its awesomeness.

Both cases are reassuringly expensive. And have been tested all over :slight_smile:

(Cue self indulgent Lion Photo)


Interesting. How do i find out about pricing?

I’ll send you a message on here Steve.

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