Simultaneous L2 & L3 VPN

I currently have a Star layer 2 VPN from a Balance Core to another Balance Core and a HD2. All untagged data is traversing the VPN as expected.

In order to remove some unnecessary broadcast traffic we need to also make use of layer 3 VPN for VLANs between devices.

Is it possible to have a L2 VPN Profile for untagged data and normal L3 VPN Profile for VLANs operating at the same time.

ie. Untagged data all in one big happy L2 network.
Any VLANs route normally over PepVPN.

Apologies if this has been covered before but I’ve been struggling to find the same use case in the forum.

ReCap, Devices are (all on latest release);

1x Balance Core as hub (with additional PepVPN peers)
1x Balance Core as peer.
1x HD2 peer.

I’d love to hear any guidance.




Have a look at this. Concurrent Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPN tunnels between the same sites - #2 by Venn

Shout if you have any challenges.

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