Simulate dual band on AP One 300M? Ability to use WDS on AP One 300M and Balance One?

  1. Is there a work around for dual band (2.4 and 5) support on the AP One 300M? I want to take advantage of both, and it seems as though I can create additional and unique SSIDs for each band.

  2. If I buy a Balance One (dual band), will I be able to use WDS using the AP One 300M using the work around in #1?


Sorry, there is no work around for this. The AP One 300M only has a single radio which is capable of either band, but not at the same time.

Thanks -Tim


If I set up a Balance One will the AP One 300M be able to use WDS to extend my coverage (limited to one of the two bands)?


The built-in AP on the Balance One does not currently support WDS functionality.


I see the door isn’t closed on that possibility? :wink: Would that be a firmware update or a pay update?


That would be a firmware update. I welcome you to post this feature request in that section.

Thanks -Tim