Simplified SME Wi-Fi and improved throughput

We have replaced more brands (including Ubiquity & Meraki) with Peplink & Pepwave than we ever installed of those brands when we uneducated. Having now been educated in the Peplink & Pepwave products and invested considerable time in our own tests on the products, our business has become more stable and our support costs for our clients more manageable and most importantly our customer have been happier giving us positive referals.

On Monday this week we replaced for a construction company in there office three (3) Ubiquity WAPs with a single Pepwave APO-RUG, some of the results include:

  • Throughput speeds up from 1.5Mbps to 180Mbps,
  • Lower network latency time
  • More stable connectivity for users devices
  • Improved & simplified Wi-Fi management through InControl2

We also work closely here with Australia’s #1 Peplink Distributor, Wireless Tech, so a call out to them & @rocknolds (Reynaldo T.) for the ongoing encouragement & local support too.

We can only start to express how happy we are with the Peplink & Pepwave products, and how much we appreciate there support and ongoing product development.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: