Simple yet effective Bandwidth Bonding


  • A busy European F&B manufacturer.
  • Currently running on 1 ADSL connection via copper phone lines within the factory.


  • To improve factory internet coverage.
  • Integrate existing ADSL connection to a new 4G LTE router for increased internet bandwidth capacity.
  • Optimise workflow.

Recommended Solution

  • To future proof the network configuration, we suggest using a Balance 20X LTE router to work alongside the existing ADSL connection. The Balance 20X has a FlexModule Mini which can be expanded to support a second LTE connection.
  • Install an outdoor 4G LTE antenna to avoid signal disruptions which can be caused by thick walls or roof.
  • Configure firewall rules, traffic routes and prioritization in order to optimize data flow.
  • The result could be capable of 1x WAN ADSL (2-8Mbps) + 1 WAN 4G LTE (20-40Mbp).
  • To simplify network management and configurations, Peplink’s InControl 2 will be used to allow for valuable data to be collected for traffic analysis as well as fine tuning.
  • An optional SpeedFusion Cloud is recommended (subscription only, no need for time-consuming and complicated deployment). Utilizing our SpeedFusion technology can provide many benefits e.g. Bandwidth Bonding.

Devices Deployed


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What is a F&B Manufacturer?

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Foods & Beverages ? :wink:


Food and Beverage

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Correct :wink:

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