Simple out of the box setup please

We have a MAX Br1 mini. I just need the bare bones straight answer here.
Laptop is plugged into LAN port. Logged in.
We put the SIM card in. Connected.
Disabled wireless.
Laptop will not access the internet. Globe in tool bar (That means no internet). Looking for square monitor icon instead of globe.

If you move cable back and forth between connections, network monitor icon briefly pops up then back to globe. Clearly there is something simple I missed. Layer 2 is functioning because I can log into it. Layer 3 should take over automatically and route traffic to cellular, but is not. Something is killing Layer 3.

This is about as simple a setup you could perform, what am I missing?

Are you sure the SIM card is activated? Go to the system tab on the BR1 Mini and try pinging out of the cellular connection.

The SIM works fine in a Netgear LB1120.
It is a Layer 2 /3 issue within the device.

The dashboard shows connected, but a ping to fails

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