Simcard data is null in Get a device's details API



In Get a device’s details API sometimes the SimCard/Imei/phone number return as null, but if I’m calling it ones again (or even once more time) it returns all the data.
This is the URL I’m using:[organization_id]/g/[group_id]/d/[id]?access_token=[access_token]

Is there a way to get this data every time?



This is the expected behavior.

IC2 is retrieving the info from the device upon receiving the API call from your application. The first request may not be immediate having data returning by the devices end hence you may get “NULL” info. If you having seconds request then you should get the latest info from the API call.

If you check the API call description, we have give some explanation for that.

You should have your API call application to handle such events :blush::blush::blush:.