SIM usage at 100% but data still exceeds

I’m not sure if anyone else has had this or knows why this might be happening.

We have a customer with a BR1 running version 7.0.1 build 2621 with 2 x SIMs.
1 x SIM with a 20gb tariff and 1 x SIM with an 8gb tariff.
The BR1 is set to notify us by email when it hits 75% and 95% on both SIMs, which it does.
Both SIMs are also set to disconnect at 100% usage and to ensure we don’t exceed realtime data we have a monthly allowance in the BR1 to be slightly less than 20gb and 8gb respectively.
The customer uses 100% of SIM A and we receive all of our emails expectedly and we are notified by Incontrol that device disconnects SIM A as it should and then reconnects on SIM B.
The customer then uses 100% of SIM B and again we receive all of our emails expectedly and we are notified by incontrol that the device has disconnected and we assume that’s the end of it, all data for the month gone.
However the BR1 then goes back online a day or two later and starts using data on SIM B.
Incontrol logs show that the SIM B has reached 75% again (which is odd because a few days previous it showed 100%) and the unit starts using data again.
I then get a notification from the carrier that SIM B has exceeded it’s 8gb data allowance by 1gb, Incontrol also shows this usage but the BR1 refuses to disconnect the second SIM at 100%.

Would you please open a support ticket here for support team to check ?

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