SIM Toolkit: Can't read SMS (it shows though)

I am trying to receive a message from AT&T via SMS on the SIM in slot 1. They’re trying to send an account verification code (so that I can add an authorized user to the account).

I see the SMS is received when I click Get SMS on the SIM Toolkit. But it always just shows 7535 as the message. This isn’t the code (the auth code is 6 digits)…in fact, I’m not sure what it is. But it’s always 7535.

Any idea why this isn’t displaying the actual SMS correctly?



Can you view the TXT correctly if you put the SIM in a normal cell phone?

Not sure. It’s in MAX HD4, which is back at office (I’m home). Was just trying to make an account change with AT&T online…guess it ca


This is supported. Please find the attached below. May I know which firmware version you are using?


I’ll see what it does in a phone/tablet next week.


Do let me know the result. You may upgrade to v6.3.0 as well. I tested in v6.3.0.

6.3.0 fixed it. It appears 7535 is the short code the text came from - that was all that 6.2.2 displayed. Now it shows that and the full text of the SMS.