Sim pool api is not showing actual data

i’m trying to use simpool apis, i configured 1 Gb limit, i can see progress bar showing green in UI.

but api just returns 0 (US)

	"resp_code": "SUCCESS",
	"caller_ref": "xxxx",
	"server_ref": "yyy",
	"data": [
			"profile_id": 6,
			"profile_type": "carrier",
			"carrier_id": "1516",
			"pool_name": "AT&T (US)",
			"imsi_list": [
			"monthly_quota": 0,
			"initial_usage": 0,
			"start_day": 0,
			"notification_enabled": false,
			"suspend_user_traffic": false,
			"monthly_usage": 0,
			"usage_percentage": 0,
			"active": false

As your AT&T profile is defined in the organization level SIM reports, so your API call should also be made to instead.

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does this end point support multiple searches ?
i want to search ATT_1,ATT_2`,ATT_2 similar to this.

or wild card search=ATT_*

It does not support searching for multiple terms right now. But it supports substring search by Pool Name, IMSI, and Device Name. No asterisk character is needed.

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i’m done with my project, thanks for your help but i’m curious about substring search what is the syntax.

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