SIM Injector Firmware 1.1.133 GA Announcement

SIM Injector Firmware 1.1.133 is now ready for production environments.

We are pleased to inform you that the latest SIM Injector Firmware, version 1.1.133, is now available for download. You can obtain the firmware by visiting our Firmware download page.

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What is the maximum number of connectable devices? The release notes report it’s been increased, but not what the limit is.

I have several SIM injectors running on 1.1.133 and they are not connecting to InControl at all.

today I upgraded a unit that WAS connecting to InControl from 1.1.130 to 1.1.133, and now it is NOT connecting to InControl anymore.

When I downgraded back to 1.1.130 it reconnected to InControl successfully.

@Richard_Anderson ,

We are checking on this and will get back to you ^^

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I’ve never had my SIM Injector stay connected to InControl for more than a day…