Sim Injector Feature Request

Two requests: #1 remote management and #2 ability to see the MTN in a specified slot (now you cant tell which MTN you are working with).

The purpose of the SIM Injector, for the most part, is to have the ability to remotely manage a number of SIM cards without the need to physically put the card in and out, on site. Within my deployment the equipment is on the east coast and I am on the west coast. My Firmware for my other Pepwave equipment updated based on my group policy but not the Injector. And, of course, it is now off line without the updated firmware and no one can get to it for 3 weeks. The entire point, of me, for the sim Injector is remote management. I request the ability to have a remote web admin AND the ability to update the firmware by remote just as all the other boxes made by Pepwave. At a minimum a web interface or follow the group policy.

Secondly, just as for SIM cards on the main unit a admin should be able to see the MTN of the sim they are working with and if using a SIM from the injector you cannot see the MTN. Seems like a easy thing to display (and quite important) in the UI.



#1. We are working on a new SIM Injector version which will support the remote management. I can not tell you the schedule, but we already have first samples and hand.

#2. Some carriers provide the MTN and some don’t. We checked in our lab and the MTN want not shown when for a Local SIM. To be more precise we tested with B20x and Telia operator. Next talking about the MTN, you would expect to see it on the Device or on the SIM Injector ? I would personally recommend to use ICCID for SIM identification as it never changes for the SIM card (not like IMSI) and it looks like on the Device ICCID is also not shown when the SIM card is provided by SIM Injector.