SIM Extender for Max Transit CAT-18

I found a Pepwave SIM extender online but a sales guy says it isn’t supported on the MT. The placement of the SIM slots on the MT makes it very tough to get a SIM changed out, and if it needs a tray all bets are off. I was thinking I might mount it so the cables point out the front of the cabinet but with all the wires coming out right there it really not a good option. Has anyone been able to get that pepwave extender to work on an MT? Or know if it might be on their roadmap for support? Thanks, Bill

Hi @bigbillsd
The Transit DUO does not support the SIM Injector. Its hardware thing so not a feature that can be added via Firmware.
We have a new model called the UBR-Rugged which is very similar to the Transit DUO that will work with a SIM Injector. The other main difference is it has three ethernet LAN ports.

I am looking at the extender, not the injector. The injector looks to be for the HD dome thing. The extender appears to work with other Max devices, just the transit isn’t mentioned, a sales guy at the 5g store said its not supported. Yet. The picture is from your website store.

pepwave_sim_extender_specsheet.pdf (371.5 KB)

Hi @bigbillsd
I do apologise, I have the SIM Injector on my mind today!
The “SIM Extender” is supported by all of our products which have SIM slots.

Yahoo! Thanks! -Bill I will get one on order today.


One way to secure it could be to put a piece of VHB tape on the bottom and stick it to something which is mounted.

Whats the bottom look like?