SIM Card Size for Balance 20X

Greetings! I just received my new Pepwave Balance 20X Modem purchased through MobileMustHave. I purchased a SIM card through them as well for AT&T Cellular Service. Neither the unit itself nor the SIM card came with specific instructions for installing the SIM card other than the Sim card size that fits in most slots of should be the largest size. This does not seem to be the case for the Balance 20X however. The SIM slots for the Balance 20X are access through a cover in the bottom of the unit and appear to use the smaller size SIM card. The largest size SIM card will not fit in the SIM Adapter. Before I extract the Smaller sized card I just wnat to make sure that is what I am supposed to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Its a 2FF Card

I made you a quick video showing how to install it as its not obvious where the little sucker slides in:


Thank you! I actually figured it out but this video is helpful and I appreciate the help.

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