SIM card not connecting to DNS


I was wondering if i could get some advice please. I currently have a Pepwave MAX bR1 mini LTE , and I am using a Tracfon local sims by AT&T.

We are in the footprint most of the time for the local sims to be used.

I Am an issue where the sim is not getting used. The Dashboard is showing that cellular 1 connected priority, but the sim is just stuck at “Obtaining IP address” I can see that there is signal there but its not connecting.

I have checked the details of the cellular and can see that the local sim card is not obtaining a DNS server.

Can anyone please advise.

Thank you in advance for any support.

Kind regards


First things to check: Are you certain the APN you have entered is correct and are you certain the plan you purchased is suitable for the router (e.g., not for tablets only and not intended for use in phones only)?
The situation you are seeing tends to be an issue such as I’ve described.

I’m using other to find the APN from my provider. Is there a specific device type i need to select for the Peepwave?

I have a plan that has no date restrictions. It is meant for a phone though. What type of plan should I have?

Hmm. I’m not following what you are saying very well. However, in general, the best (and certainly safest) approach is to discuss your requirements with your intended carrier; part of that discussion would be to fully inform them about the device in which you want to use the SIM. Have the IMEI number associated with your Pepwave router handy – they’ll likely want it.

SIMs intended for phones, tablets, etc may or may not work. And, sometimes they work splendidly for a short while then inexplicably stop. Perusing the forum you’ll find great examples of these situations.

Hello @Gary_Goodman,
As @Rick-DC mentioned, best to check your APN setting. I even had it that the auto completed ones did not work and I had to manually enter them. If you do not know what the APN settings are
you may have to ask your network provider, or often a simple search on the internet will give you one to try of your service provider.

Once you have manually entered the APN settings, you may have to restart the SIM card. A simple visual way to do this is to drag the cellular WAN line out of priority 1 into disabled, and once it is disabled drag it back to Priority 1 again.

If it still doesn’t work, then check with your service provider that indeed you can use your SIM card for a data only device.

Regards, Tim.

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Key words may at times be important. I have found that when speaking to Verizon tech support I characterize the device as a “connected device” seems to work well (i.e., they identify the correct slot on their sheet for the router).