Sim card compatibility - cdma lte or gsm lte agnostic

i was told by my distributor that my peplink MAX BR1 mini can use either Verizon LTE or ATT LTE sim cards and service. is that correct?


as you can see on the Peplink Website

There are different types of BR1 Mini available. as you can see here
The devices are supporting different Bands

Google gives the following results


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thanks for the help!!

Does the sim card have to be an ATT hotspot sim or a sim taken from a phone?

sorry, I don’t know the regulations of AT&T. In Europe every SIM is working in the Peplink devices. I think I heve read here in the forum, that some US-Providers are checking the MAC-Address, but im not sure.

Hi Mikecski,

You would want to request an M2M plan from the carrier. It is possible the hotspot is on an M2M plan and you could pull from that, but the taking a SIM from a phone will not work. Or, it may work as first but as dennis.hofheinz said, the carriers will check the MAC address and either throttle or disconnect entirely.

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AT&T has some new small business wireless broadband plans that may be interesting for peplink routers They have a 12 mbps plan for $130 and a 50 mbps plan for $200/month that look interesting; the latter requires a cat18 device and 5ge coverage.

Otherwise, do you get a plan for a peplink through an att reseller?